Border Management


Protecting borders, strengthening capability

People and goods are moving around the world on an unprecedented scale. By 2030, the number of air passenger journeys is forecast to increase to almost 480 million; container traffic is forecast to be 183% higher than in 2005. Border Services around the globe, therefore, are coming under increased public scrutiny whilst facing ever greater challenges.

As well as having to processing high volumes of people and goods, border services are faced not only with the expectation from both businesses and travellers alike for speedy clearances, but also a reduction in available resources to carry out these tasks. Current priorities, such as the requirement to detect and prevent terrorist activity and criminal threats, have to be addressed alongside the more traditional – but nevertheless crucial – roles of immigration control, revenue raising, and protecting citizens from illegal goods such as drugs and weapons.

At Leonardbeavan Ltd, we have access to a wide range of experts who can advise clients on the most effective ways of strengthening border controls, improving import and export systems and procedures, developing strategic visions and operational plans, and establishing robust organisational structures. Whether you are looking to develop a border strategy; identify, develop and coordinate effective partnerships; create the most appropriate structure and organisation to deliver the strategy; maximise intelligence to support revenue raising and crime reduction; make effective use of threat and risk assessments; or tackle border tax fraud, smuggling and immigration crime, then we can help you.

Our experts provide years of experience of working and training in domestic and overseas environments, across the full spectrum of border controls and border management. We provide bespoke solutions for bespoke issues, so please do get in touch if you think we can help.